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Faerie Sitemap
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Hello, I'm Marafae the hostess of this site as well as the club site, the club isn't operating at this time however many of the old newsletters, fun faerie pages with drawings, faerie ideas and stories, poems and encounters, have been transferred to this site ......also don't miss the opportunity to  download a membership card as a faerie believer.  To the left you'll find my alter ego, the godmom, she is who I dress as whenever I go out of my realm.  I'm so happy to have you visit, look below for all sorts of wonderful faerie stories and an amazing collection of artists and some of their works......so go and enjoy.

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updated June 2006 * some links to artists sites are missing if you know one...please email me!


defaul1.gif (1962 bytes)1. Gilbert Williams (GW is an mystical excellent artist)

2. Mary Baxter St. Clair (currently living on the island of Kauai, her work is every bit as beautiful as her Hawaiian Isle)

3. David Weston and Cicely M. Barker (DW 's fairies are beautiful reflecting butterflies while CMB's work is done with flowers)
4. Brian Froud and Alan Lee (illustrators of many books, you'll also see their work in fantasy films)
5. Miscellaneous Artists (Jeffrey K Bedrick, John Atkinson Grimshaw, Jean & Ron Henry, Jean Bernard, John Simmons, Evelyn De Morgan, Edward Robert Hughes, John Fitzgerald + other artwork, artists unknown)
6. Miscellaneous Artists ( Roy Best, Renee Partain + other artwork, artists unknown)
7. Anne Geddes (artist in photography)
8. Gail Gastfield (designs using airbrush, acrylics, oils, pastels, colored pencils, pen and ink)

9. Margaret Tarrant (Born in England in 1888, from a family of artists)

10. Ronald Carey (American born artist)

11. Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (artist and book illustrator)

12. Miscellaneous Artists (Edward Robert Hughes, John Pickering, Peg Maltby and other artwork, artists unknown)

13. Linda Biggs  (Fairy Artist that works with Watercolors, makes Cards and more)

14. Jessica Galbreth (Local artist, mystical look to her faeries)

15. Miscellaneous Artists (Jeffrey Bedrick; Jessica Galbreth; Karl Bang; Robyn Officer; Dita Wolf)

16.  Griselda Tello (Local artist, her faerie gardens and cottages will mesmerize you)

17. Diane Elizabeth Stanley (Local artist, earthy faeries in enchanting forest scenes)

18. Kylie InGold (Australian artist, faeries in many varieties, world renown)

19. Christine Kloss (Watercolor paintings and other mediums of faerie and fantasy)

20. Linda Hefner (sculpture) (You've got to see her work, you'll want one of your own)

21. Helen Farrell (dolls) (original designs created out of her love of faeries and fantasy)

22. Kandice (dolls) (adorable doll fae's you'll want to have for your own)

23.  Bobbie Trewhitt (Clay Sculptures & Mosaic) (adorable sculptures and breath taking mosaic)

24.  Boy Faeries (a visitor asked me if I had any pics of boy faeries, that they couldn't find any...)

25.  Melissa Goese-Goble (presently residing in Alaska, faerie artist)
26. Meilin Wong  (talented  present time artist)
27. James Browne  (talented present time artist)

28.   Shirley Bridler  (talented present time watercolor artist)

29.   WendyKathleen  (favorite medium is water-color, to which she adds her own personal, ethereal touch.)
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wpe40.jpg (2904 bytes)(lots more info and some pics)
  Gnomes Site (a multi-page site - excellent)wisp.gif (1459 bytes)wpe20.jpg (3613 bytes)

The Fairy Chronicles,   Foo and Friends,   Cassie Kingston Mysteries,   Juan Noel's Crystal Airship,   The Heaviest Things 


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This beautiful background by Karen Haughey  awaken.gif (11953 bytes)
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